About CEI



Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, CEI is a Minority Owned business providing complete electronics manufacturing solutions for high reliability markets like the military and aerospace industries. CEI has a rich history of manufacturing products that have no performance margin of error and recognize that care must be taken to ensure products are manufactured right the first time, every time.


Customer Commitment

CEI is committed to being a complete electronics manufacturing solutions provider through flawless quality and delivery performance, while creating an unparalleled level of customer service through its agile manufacturing execution.


The CEI Difference

CEI differentiates itself through superior quality, operational excellence and price competitiveness rather than sacrificing one for the others. The CEI team is not only an expert at managing and producing hard to manufacturer custom solutions but also exhibit a strong passion for these products and realize just how important each are to the end user. CEI takes pride in being a part of this important work, and this is reflected in the performance provided to its customers.